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So I haven't finished playing the game myself.  In fact, I have only just begun.  However, I have already seen a lot of things about the game I found deserving of commentary, rebroadcast, discussion, and archival.  Here we go.  This covers the ending, a theory about teh ending, response to the response to the ending, and wacky hijinks.

1) A summary of many reactions to the ending.

2) A textual discussion of the problems with the ending.

3) A video explanation of the problems with the ending
-- articulate, critical, on point.

4) A controversial theory that may make the ending make more sense.
  But it probably isn't true or intended.

5) The Co-Founder of Bioware responds.

6) Mass Effect 3 to receive extended DLC, free.

7) Why the DLC won't fix the problems.

In-universe humor:  Concerned Batarians explain that medigel works fine on their species.

Wacky Humor:  the Mass Effect Cartoon.

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So I have this compilation of links on my sidebar right now that I'm saving to show to my lovely wife [ profile] elf_amazon .  But then it occurred to me:  I like you guys too!  And we very often agree about what is cool.

And I am really sadly anal retentive about having my sidebar clear so if I put all the links here I do not have to keep them there too.

A Timeline of the life of River Song from Doctor Who.

The latest exploits of my favorite fictional soccer team, the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers.  Especially recommended for fans of the vlogbrothers.

Superheroes always make three-point landings.

The best Legend of Korra gif ever.

An amusing Avengers meme plus Chris Hemsworth delivering awkward news in character.

Behind every great novelist is...  which also makes me thing of mt favorite writer joke.  What's the difference between a writer and a park bench?

A park bench can support a family.

Last but not least, a brief Homestuck fanfic which shows us a glimpse of Troll Cosmo's advice on kismessitude.

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Subject line quoted from here.

And today, I think, it's time for a link salad with almost no politics or current events.  Instead, we have:


Greek Philosophy Updated: New Categories of Love.

A take on the origin of life on Earth that explains everything.  And some thoughts on Christian behavior.

There's an insult generator that relies solely on quotes from Martin Luther.  Martin Luther was an angry, angry man.

I always thought that Sofa King was a joke, not a brand name!

Hey, who wants to use streaming video of frog noises to play the Imperial March?  This works disturbingly well. thinks deep thoughts about Harry Potter.  Also, Feminist Harry Potter.

A website lobbying for Christian pornography.  And another where you can shop for sex toys in a pious way.

How To Deal With Writers.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Possibly via murder.  Seriously, if you only click on one link here... go click on the Martin Luther insult generator.  But if you click on two, click on this one!  It's cute and hilaristurbing.

Wil Wheaton has a web TV show where he plays games with people, including Grant Imahara from Mythbusters.  Count me in!

Dragons and strong-willed ladies interacting
is always interesting.  [ profile] celebros , get clicking on this link right now!

Benedict Cumberbatch: he looks like an otter.

Baby Monkey.

Hot dogs and science.


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Seven pieces of political news, one piece of mad science, and one bit of smile-inducing randomness.  Most of this comes from [ profile] jaylake , by the way, whose own link salads are a major source of my news these days.

First off, starting out with a discussion of the Republican primaries, one of the latest trends seems to be a disregard for the value of National Forests.    This alarms me a great deal, especially as I've always thought such things were part of what conservatives wanted to, well, conserve.

Other things that irritate me:  our nation's continued failure to support higher education.  I happen to believe in American exceptionalism, but not as a continuous state of being:  as a process, a goal, a part of the national dream.  We could be, can be, sometimes are the greatest country in the world -- but that means we need to support learning.  Without education, without science, without a supportive community, we cannot build our way back to greatness when we fail to achieve it.

Here are a few women's reactions to the contraception debate, and strangely, they don't seem too happy about a bunch of ignorant dudes trying to limit their health options to appease other people's ideologies.  In that second link, the picture on the right of Five Serious Guys lining up to discuss why they should be the ones who get to decide about women's health is especially irritating -- because they were invited to come have that discussion, and women weren't.

There's also some interesting speculation here:  would Congress do a better job if it was ten times bigger?  Would we get some much-needed correctional reform going if people stopped plea-bargaining and went to trial?  (And who among us would dare to do so?)

Pat Robertson supports legalizing marijuana. 
This blows my mind, but it actually ties in with the previous link a little, too:  we have too much of our population stuck in prison for stupidly trivial things.  I don't smoke pot myself, but for once, Pat Robertson and I are in agreement.  Good God, it's weird to say that.

On to weird science:  electricity can overclock your brain.  Equally parts alarming and tempting to hear about for me, given my chronic inability to focus on aaaaanything.  Artificially induced flow state?  Sign me up!

(That said, last week I got something like seven thousand words written.  So maybe I don't need it, after all.)

Last but not least, a cell-phone number for an angel.  Just plain cool, although the church's attempts to monopolize a heartening pop-faith phenomenon seem amusingly misguided to me.

And that's the news for today from my corner of the world.


Oct. 20th, 2011 11:26 pm
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Busy day.  Very little thought process.  So here; have some more of my link backlog...

Some discussion of Nephilim and Enoch.

iTime -- the best sci-fi short story I've read this year.

The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor -- another story, one I haven't yet found time to read.

An excellent text-based game
, put together by a friend of mine.

Lost in Time and Lost in Space -- a brief article on the Fermi Paradox.


Oct. 19th, 2011 04:44 pm
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Feeling generally creatively and conversationally uninspired thus far today, so for the moment, here's more links:  the stuff I put up on G+ today, as opposed to my email backlog.  Still looking for a way to collect G+ posts and port them over directly, the way you can with Twitter.  If anyone has an app for that, let me know!

Reading The Bible Makes You Liberal.

Herman Cain thinks Jesus is a common-sense conservative...

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan.

Jesus Joins Occupy London.

Super Heroes and Occupy Wall Street.

Why Americans are pissed at bankers.

A German law student takes on Facebook for violations of European data privacy laws.

Radar that can see through walls.

Now, somebody hire me for a career in journalism, please.


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