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Birthdate:May 28
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
Hi. My name is Matt, and I'm a writer. That's an easy sentence to put down; what's hard is finding the proper words to put after it. While I've worked at a college level as both a journalist and an editor, my primary interest is in writing fiction. Most of my own work, whether novels, short stories, comic book scripts, or role-playing game adventures, is fantasy or science fiction. This blog is meant for two purposes: a place for me to showcase and discuss the things that I have written or want to write, and a place to talk about storytelling in any media, from the craft that goes into stories in general, to a favorite character, line of banter, or really big explosion from a specific story.

Among other things, I intend this journal to be a safe space in which people can engage in charged discussions. If I fail as a poster or a discussion moderator to make this a safe space, please let me know, publicly or privately - whatever you're comfortable with - and I'll do my best to address the problem right away.

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