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What it says on the tin. If you're not interested in hearing me talk about how I pray and why and et cetera, don't click on the cut tag. This may take me a while. Though I'll note that despite the fact that I address my prayers to a deity I believe in; the reasons I pray are largely unrelated to religious conviction.

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Netspeak as a new low-prestige dialect, take II: 1414 words. )

Now I have an idea simmering for an essay that would revisit this notion in the advent of Cat Macro as a dialect of its own. Anyone care to help me with the research?
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I just decided to cycle through 'em all and show them off, and this one's first alphabetically.

And speaking of cycling through things, before I moved blogs I made a gigantic linkspam of every post I thought I wanted to bring with me and refer to here. Looking at it now, I doubt most of those posts will ever see the light of day here - I was thinking as a pack-rat and not as a writer.

One of the few essays I posted on the old journal was about the usage of netspeak as a low-prestige dialect on the Internet. I actually wrote this paper twice - once for Sociology and once for English - and this is the shorter version, written for Sociology. I'm struck by how quickly the trends I discussed and what they imply about the user have changed - this was before cat macros were as prevalent as they are now, and I think that they've really altered the linguistic landscape. Still, I'd be interested in hearing what people think about how accurate or inaccurate the essay is now.

Netspeak as a Low-Prestige Dialect. 829 words. )


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