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Subject line quoted from here.

And today, I think, it's time for a link salad with almost no politics or current events.  Instead, we have:


Greek Philosophy Updated: New Categories of Love.

A take on the origin of life on Earth that explains everything.  And some thoughts on Christian behavior.

There's an insult generator that relies solely on quotes from Martin Luther.  Martin Luther was an angry, angry man.

I always thought that Sofa King was a joke, not a brand name!

Hey, who wants to use streaming video of frog noises to play the Imperial March?  This works disturbingly well. thinks deep thoughts about Harry Potter.  Also, Feminist Harry Potter.

A website lobbying for Christian pornography.  And another where you can shop for sex toys in a pious way.

How To Deal With Writers.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Possibly via murder.  Seriously, if you only click on one link here... go click on the Martin Luther insult generator.  But if you click on two, click on this one!  It's cute and hilaristurbing.

Wil Wheaton has a web TV show where he plays games with people, including Grant Imahara from Mythbusters.  Count me in!

Dragons and strong-willed ladies interacting
is always interesting.  [ profile] celebros , get clicking on this link right now!

Benedict Cumberbatch: he looks like an otter.

Baby Monkey.

Hot dogs and science.


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In the name of only gradually spamming the internet with my reading and watching, here's just the moving, talking pictures:

A short film about a self-aware android.
  Cool, creepy, moving.  I wonder about the dude speaking from offscreen.  Who or what is he?

Darth Vader in a kilt on a unicycle playing bagpipes.  So.  That definitely is a thing that happened.

Samuel L Jackson reading a children's book
, "Go The Fuck To Sleep."

An SNL sketch about Broadway, starring Neil Patrick Harris
and containing some familiar faces, sort of.


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