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So. With the help of an old friend, the party has staged two rescue attempts, with a third on the way.

The current status of each party member is:

Missy & Tra: stranded on a foreign, hostile world; wearing prison uniforms. Assets: 2 pairs of manacles, 1 stun baton, 1 blaster pistol, 24 credits.

Loren: confessed during interrogation to working for the ISB. Condemned, skin aerosolized during torture, anesthetized into unconsciousness, ready to die; rescued.

Mal & Jark: wounded, heavily armed with explosives, carrying Loren out of the Strike Cruiser detention block. The entire ship has been alerted to their presence, and the nearest possible escape vehicle is 7 decks away. More excited with their lives than they have been in months.

Ama: (still) unconscious in a torpedo tube, and likely to remain so for the next eight hours.

Body count: 12 dead or stunned stormtroopers, 10 dead or stunned officers, 3 dead pilots (from last session).

Original crew compliment of an Imperial Strike Cruiser: 2,112 plus 340 stormtroopers.
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Well.  Four out of five party members are now in Imperial Custody on the Strike Cruiser Defenestrator.

Okay.  Three out of five.  The fourth is in a torpedo tube.
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Dramatis Personae


Felix – Toydarian Master of Disaster, a one-eyed pilot, sharpshooter, and shipjacker with a rangefinder in his empty socket. Light-hearted despite his perpetual bad luck, Felix has a goal – to steal one starship of every weight class.

Hajab – Cranky Mon Cal hyperspace engineer and former Imperial slave, Hajab's primary motivation is spite. He'll prove the academics who spurned his theories wrong... and he'll shut down the secret Imperial R & D project that taught him all he knows. Whatever it takes.

Ama – de facto captain, Force-using intrusion expert, disowned Miraluka aristocrat, and droid-building enthusiast, Amareyn is the longest-running member of the gang, there constantly since five intrepid grifters escaped the backwater of Kalarba.


Loren – Corellian archaeologist, consummate master of disguise, and gambler nonpareil, Loren's con-man skills, piloting expertise, and inventiveness always seem to plunge his companions deep into trouble's gravity well... but so far, he's always been able to fly them back out.


Jark Shakenes – omnisexual Zeltron gunslinger and amiable loudmouth, Jark would be considered a greenhorn if he wasn't so kriffing pink. Whether you love Jark or hate him (and everyone does one or the other), nobody is quicker on their feet or better with a distraction.


Missy – Farghul pirate princess, she's been stowing away on misbegotten adventures for years. Finally, her criminal-dynasty family bought her a pinnace (The Wardrobe) and a bodyguard to fly it. A Jill of All Trades, Missy eagerly seeks a gang who could use her skills... or yet another custom-fitted pair of pants. Her ship isn't called The Wardrobe without reason.

Asylum Station

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The Maiden Flight of the Ohnaka's Folly


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Ama and Jark Go To Coruscant


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Life Day on Kalarba (A Very Special Life Day Episode)


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The Data-Raid on Obra-Skai


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So.  Obviously even counting service interruptions my blogging has been absent of late, and I owe you all a chapter of Hellion Prince and my Utah travelogue.  It has, however, been kind of a crazy month, so bear with my whimsy.

Right now, I want to catalogue the glorious Hell that was last night's Star Wars: Scum and Villainy session.
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