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Nineteen songs about setting, story, and romance. )

As ever, I'd love to hear thoughts and reactions, either on the soundtrack or just the songs.

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So I decided to make a Madcap Archaeology Soundtrack Post.  It'll tell you a little more about the characters and project, if obliquely, and will present a lot of entertaining listening material.



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Some days it takes longer to write than others.  And on those days, I have two different tools I use to kick-start the creative process and inspire me.  One is caffeine.  The other is music.

There are songs that always seem to energize me, to get my brain moving, no matter what it is I am working on.  Unlike my usual writing soundtracks, which remind me of some facet of my characters or plot; or convey the "feel" of what I'm working on, these have no specific connection to... anything, really, except the irrational portions of my brain which motivate me to tell people pretty lies about things (aka fiction).

I am, as always, interested to hear what you think (and what you listen to), but here's my inspirational playlist.  It's not all inclusive and it's in no particular order, but it's still some of the most powerful weapons in my motivational arsenal.
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Jul. 7th, 2011 11:56 pm
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Technically this counts as a blog post made on Friday. I am very tired, very accomplished, and very overcaffeinated, so sleep may be a while in coming (and I am getting up at 8:15 so's I can be at the airport before 10AM to catch my 11 AM flight. siiiiigh).

Never tried to embed a video before, so hopefully that works.

Also, I have the weird habit of following up this song with Rocket Man and then Space Oddity. They make a sort of awkward trilogy.
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So, mostly as a joke, I started assembling a short playlist of the music I listened to while writing the masquerade ball in Chapter Twelve.  Mostly, it was mood music, and all of the music videos contain either people in masks or people in vaguely appropriate period clothing, or both.  But as I assembled this list, I realized that if I put it in a specific order, and I squinted and analyzed lyrics out of context in unorthodox ways, it actually fits pretty well as a soundtrack to the chapter's events.

So, here it is, complete with youtube links:

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This soundtrack, while it's one that people have inquired about, is a little awkward for me to discuss. I'm only about a third of the way through The Hellion Prince, and while I know what comes next, the vast majority of you do not (exceptions being [ profile] celebros , [ profile] elf_amazon , and to some extent [ profile] handgun  & [ profile] lesyeuxouverts ).


That means that I can share this list with you, and even highlight meaningful lyrics, but in more than a few instances I can't really talk about why these songs are meaningful to me and to the story. Initially, I tried to put these songs in an order that was more or less chronological, based on what in the novel they related to, but the result was... really revealing, and so the order now is mostly the order in which they got added to the playlist. You're free to speculate, however, and there will be no explicit, specific spoilers, save for what Chekov's Gun would already have indicated. So. This should be interesting...



34 songs )

It still feels to me like something is missing from this list, though -- if anyone has any suggestions about other songs that might fit, I'd be delighted to hear them.


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